Information about the recording process of each track - this is work in progress ...

By Clive Gray

All basic tracks were recorded in the house of John Moncur in Cellardyke in February 2018. Neil Fraser acoustic guitar and vocals, Nick Fry bass, Calum Gordon drums.  

Track 1

The journey begins in the office block - with the sound of a printer.

Track 2 - On The Road Again

After all basic tracks were recorded the overdubbing process started. First with Nick playing a blues harp solo. The signal is considerably overdriven to give it an edge. Demi Forsyth then played an intro and an outro on her custom built electric dobro. She also played the interludes before the verses. 

Track 3 - User Friendly


Track 4 - Uncertainty


Track 5 - Killer Bees


Track 6 - Impossible

Dale came to Acorn Court to record some tracks. For this song Dale and Neil sang at the same time, so that they could respond to each other while singing. This gave a haunting quality to their vocals. After the vocals were recorded, Ali Petri played 

Track 7 - On My Way 

The original vocal had the chorus: Fucking with my chakra man, pissing on my trip ...and there will be a special release of this version one day. In the meantime we decided on the radio acceptable version: Messing with my chakra man, mixing up my trip... 

The bridge with it's 'On my way, I've lost my way, ... and ends in the assertive "I'm on my way", has the vocals in reverse underlying the the bridge. This led us to the idea of having the solo guitar revered to. 

Track 8 - Thoughts of a Mad Man

I thought the lyrics were about C.G. Jung.

Created by Clive Gray 2018

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