All basic tracks were recorded in the house of John Moncur at Acorn Court in Cellardyke in February 2018. The equipment used was a MacBook Pro, with a second screen, running Logic with a Steinberg UR44 Interface. This allows only six tracks to be recorded simultaneously, so a mix-down of the drums was created. 

The microphones were the trusted Pronomic, AKG Perception and Sure SM57, and 58.  

The overdubs were recorded in George Street at the house of Susan Innes, in Elie with Neil Fraser, and in Crail with Nick Fry.

Here are some videos which show some brief glimpses of the Acorn Court rooms, and also the room with a sea view at Susan's place. 

Clive in his studio 1994 in Bremen, Germany.

On My Way

Thoughts of a Mad Man

Tower Blocks

Paul playing the Breedlove

Most audio went through one of the two Pronomic CM - 100 condenser microphones. The 32 mm gold plated  diaphragm must have something to do with the surprisingly good quality of this inexpensive microphone.

This five string bass was made fretless by Steve Agnew and can be heard on most of the tracks. It has the word 'Ventura' on it. 


Wikipedia: 'Ventura was a brand of stringed instruments imported from Japan by C. Bruno and Company during the 1960s and 1970s. C. Bruno was bought by Kaman (Ovation) in the early 1980s, after which the brand disappeared.' 

Created by Clive Gray 2018

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